There are a lot of ways that you can get involved with Golden Spur (see below)

The world of the cowboy is the most unique sub-culture in American and was pivotal in the formation and expansion of the United States across the west.  The tools and technology have changed a bit but the independent spirit of the American Cowboy hasn't.  We have a heart for meeting the cowboys where they are and sharing the good news of Jesus's salvation.  

In many of Paul's letters to the early churches, he took time to single out specific people who he considered partners in the Lord's work.  Check out Romans 16 for a great example.  Some folks that Paul singled out were co-laborers on the mission field, some were people who continued the work in their region after Paul left, some gave financially to help meet expenses, and some were simply an encouragement to the Apostle that the Lord used to help keep him going down the road.  Reading through the New Testament, while it may appear at times that Paul was out there on his own, the truth is that Paul had a huge amount of partners that the Lord used to make his missionary journeys the success they were.

The Lord keeps us going down the road in much the same way...through the partnership of believers who have a heart like ours.  There are a lot of ways to get involved with our work in the cowboy world.  If you'd like to partner with us in reaching the cowboy world for Christ, here are some ways go get involved:


First and foremost, pray.  In the fifteen years we've been serving the Lord on the cowboy trail we have countless examples of things that should have gone wrong that didn't and that was all because of the prayers of our partners.  We need your prayers for our boldness in sharing Christ, for softened hearts of those we encounter, for our faithfulness in our personal relationships with Christ, and for safety in the miles and miles that we travel each year.  Use our Contact page to join our newsletter list and make sure you check the box that says "News and Updates."  We send out paper newsletters quarterly and email newsletters monthly.  You can also keep checking the Events section of our website for up-to-date upcoming ministry info.


As faith-based missionaries, we rely on the financial support of believers to help meet the expenses of the ministry along with our salary.  The rodeos and cowboy events where we faithfully serve each year do not contribute to our work and we never ask for anything when we assist a country church or small cowboy fellowship.  Nor are we supported by a denominational missions organization.  Just as our missionary pioneers in the early church, we rely solely on the financial gifts of individuals and local churches.  The Lord uses your monthly and one-time gifts to help us keep going down the road.  Check out our Give page for more info.


There are many opportunities to volunteer at various Rodeo Bible Camps and youth rodeo ministries.  Every Rodeo Bible Camp where we minister has need of help and no rodeo or livestock experience is required.  Of course, if you've got the chops to help in the arena then loading, sorting, and instruction help is always welcome.  But there is a greater need for volunteer counselors (mature believers to lead kids in Bible studies), cooks, and workers for set-up and tear-down.  If you're looking to get involved, there is no greater way to see the Lord work in cowboy ministry than in helping at a Rodeo Bible Camp.  Email or call (816-200-7787) to find out more.


Most of our ministry partners have joined our work because they've seen the Lord at work through our ministry.  One of the ways you can help our team is to gather others from your area, who might have an interest in cowboy ministry, together for a time to share about how the Lord has used Golden Spur and ways that they can help.  Email us for more info on hosting a Partnership party in your area.


From the start, a big part of what we do is helping rural churches with pulpit supply, Bible conferences and outreach ministries.  No matter the size of the church or the community, if there is a way for us to help your church impact your community for Christ, we want to help.  Think we might be a good fit to assist your church in reaching your community?  Share about our ministry with your local church.  Email us with questions about how you can share about our ministry with your church leadership.


There are a lot of great cowboy events in our world that could use a voice for Christ.  There's many ministries that we've been hosting for years but times and needs change so we are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to share Christ to a new group of cowboys.  If you know of a rodeo, horse show, or other cowboy event in your area that has a need for ministry, let us know.  Even if we can't make the event work with our schedule we'd love to help you find ways to represent Christ in your community.  Email us to make your suggestion!


One of the coolest aspects of the Rodeo Bible Camp ministry is that no child is ever turned away from camp if they cannot afford the camp fee.  Each RBC is different, but RBC fees average $150 per camper and that goes towards covering the basic costs of the camp (food and facility rental).  If you compare that to the average price of a traditional youth camp ($200-$450) that is a great bargain.  If you would like to scholarship a camper click on our Give page and make sure you include a note with your donation saying "RBC Scholarship."  If you have a specific camp in mind to help, make sure you include that camp's location in the memo section (if you don't we'll share the scholarship as needs are made known to us).


Each event where we minister has a specific set of challenges and needs.  Whether your heart is in seeing the Lord represented at a specific rodeo or Rodeo Bible Camp or helping us remain faithful in our area cowboy fellowships, you can sponsor a specific ministry and dedicate your gifts and prayer support to that specific ministry.  Email us if you'd like to designate your support specifically.