Golden Spur Update - June 2015

It's been a busy June but I'm thankful for some awesome ministries the past few weeks.  

We started June a little different than we have in the past.  Bucking our ten year presence at the Flint Hills Rodeo in Strong City, KS I made the trek instead to Topeka for the Kansas State High School Finals Rodeo.  It was not an easy decision as we've got quite a few friends in the Flint Hills area and always enjoyed the rodeo, the cowboys and serving alongside the Flint Hills Community Church at the rodeo.  Despite the change the Lord totally blessed the time in Topeka.  Along with getting to know the families a little better and sharing with a ton of kids, the KHSRA asked me to help oversee ministries at all Kansas High School Rodeos.  This opens up a huge ministry for us to help these awesome families in the coming year!

From Topeka I headed (with horses) out to Rifle, CO for my tenth year preaching at the Flat Tops Rodeo Bible Camp.  Most of you have heard me talk about camps enough to know that we usually see the Lord do awesome stuff in the campers hearts.  I don't want it to sound routine ('cause it ain't)...but this year was no different.  I'm always blown away at the change you can see in just a few days of intense arena time and, more importantly, interaction with the Word!  

What struck me about camp this year was what a joy it was to serve alongside the volunteer staff.  I usually enjoy camps anyway.  After ten years, the camp director and I work very well together.  That makes things easier on both of us.  What really blew me away was how well the rest of the staff (counselors and instructors) worked together.  Anytime you get folks together there's disagreements and attitudes that cause problems (usually small - but problems nonetheless).  That's why Paul taught about UNITY as he taught about spiritual gifts.  We all have different gifts but we are to use those gifts in a unified manner for the Body of Christ.  I really can't think, this year, that there was one disagreement at the camp among the staff.  Everybody just supported everybody else.  That is a breath of fresh air and, as I said earlier, makes it a joy to serve alongside them.  More importantly, that kind of unity makes the ministry to the campers that much more effective!  

I'm thanking the Lord for that!

Upcoming Ministries

  • June 20th-27th, 2015 - National Junior High Finals Rodeo (Des Moines, IA)
  • June 28th-July 1st, 2015 - Texas Rodeo Bible Camp (Pampa, TX)
  • July 8th-11th, 2015 - Northern Front Range Rodeo Bible Camp (Greeley, CO)
  • July 11th-18, 2015 - National High School Finals Rodeo (Rock Springs, CO)
  • July 26th, 2015 - Greenwood County Fair (Eureka, KS)
  • August 9th-12th, 2015 - Mount Hope Bible Conference (Mount Hope, KS)

Website Updates

I mentioned in our last newsletter that we are trying to get a few pages on our website updated.  We get more questions about Rodeo Bible Camps than anything else.  I spent the last few days updating our Rodeo Bible Camp page with a list of camps that we have worked with or will work with this year.  I also included a few camps that we've helped with in the past and totally support.  We're trying to make the website more useful for getting information to our supporters and potential campers.  Want to see something different?  Let me know!

Thank you for your prayers and support!