Flint Hills Rodeo Ministry - June 6-7, 2008

Earlier this month I was asked to partner with Flint Hills Community Church in setting up an outreach booth at the Flint Hills Rodeo in Strong City, KS. Strong City is about 15 minutes west of Emporia, KS. The church is one of our oldest support churches and is one of the few Bible-preaching churches located in close proximity to the rodeo grounds.

For the outreach itself, we set up a tent and handed out copies of The Way for Cowboys (a New Testament that includes testimonies from a few professional cowboys and cowboy preachers), a rodeo themed Bible and testimony tract called Are You Ready?, and copies of the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys' monthly magazine The Line Rider.

Despite the overnight destruction of our tent (strong winds are common in the Flint Hills), the team handed out a case of Bibles and built relationships with several spectators. This was the first year of doing this ministry and we are looking forward to partnering again with the Flint Hills Community Church next year for an even greater impact.