Golden Spur Update - June 2015

It's been a busy June but I'm thankful for some awesome ministries the past few weeks.  

We started June a little different than we have in the past.  Bucking our ten year presence at the Flint Hills Rodeo in Strong City, KS I made the trek instead to Topeka for the Kansas State High School Finals Rodeo.  It was not an easy decision as we've got quite a few friends in the Flint Hills area and always enjoyed the rodeo, the cowboys and serving alongside the Flint Hills Community Church at the rodeo.  Despite the change the Lord totally blessed the time in Topeka.  Along with getting to know the families a little better and sharing with a ton of kids, the KHSRA asked me to help oversee ministries at all Kansas High School Rodeos.  This opens up a huge ministry for us to help these awesome families in the coming year!

From Topeka I headed (with horses) out to Rifle, CO for my tenth year preaching at the Flat Tops Rodeo Bible Camp.  Most of you have heard me talk about camps enough to know that we usually see the Lord do awesome stuff in the campers hearts.  I don't want it to sound routine ('cause it ain't)...but this year was no different.  I'm always blown away at the change you can see in just a few days of intense arena time and, more importantly, interaction with the Word!  

What struck me about camp this year was what a joy it was to serve alongside the volunteer staff.  I usually enjoy camps anyway.  After ten years, the camp director and I work very well together.  That makes things easier on both of us.  What really blew me away was how well the rest of the staff (counselors and instructors) worked together.  Anytime you get folks together there's disagreements and attitudes that cause problems (usually small - but problems nonetheless).  That's why Paul taught about UNITY as he taught about spiritual gifts.  We all have different gifts but we are to use those gifts in a unified manner for the Body of Christ.  I really can't think, this year, that there was one disagreement at the camp among the staff.  Everybody just supported everybody else.  That is a breath of fresh air and, as I said earlier, makes it a joy to serve alongside them.  More importantly, that kind of unity makes the ministry to the campers that much more effective!  

I'm thanking the Lord for that!

Upcoming Ministries

  • June 20th-27th, 2015 - National Junior High Finals Rodeo (Des Moines, IA)
  • June 28th-July 1st, 2015 - Texas Rodeo Bible Camp (Pampa, TX)
  • July 8th-11th, 2015 - Northern Front Range Rodeo Bible Camp (Greeley, CO)
  • July 11th-18, 2015 - National High School Finals Rodeo (Rock Springs, CO)
  • July 26th, 2015 - Greenwood County Fair (Eureka, KS)
  • August 9th-12th, 2015 - Mount Hope Bible Conference (Mount Hope, KS)

Website Updates

I mentioned in our last newsletter that we are trying to get a few pages on our website updated.  We get more questions about Rodeo Bible Camps than anything else.  I spent the last few days updating our Rodeo Bible Camp page with a list of camps that we have worked with or will work with this year.  I also included a few camps that we've helped with in the past and totally support.  We're trying to make the website more useful for getting information to our supporters and potential campers.  Want to see something different?  Let me know!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Golden Spur Update - April 17th, 2015

It's been a while since we've sent out an update and it has been a busy spring already.

For the majority of March I was in Fowler, CO at the Red Top Ranch Trick Riding School.  We had four schools this year with about ten students at each school.  The Lord opened some neat doors in ministering to not only students but their families this year and we were very thankful for the response!

This weekend officially starts our spring season of high school rodeo ministry in both Missouri and Kansas.  First up, this weekend, is a high school rodeo in Pacific, MO followed by another high school rodeo in Dodge City, KS.  I'd very much appreciate your prayers this weekend for the rodeo in Pacific as this was a last minute invitation by one of the contestants.  I'm so excited to get to know the contestants and their families as well as lead the ministries this weekend (church service and prayer-behind-the-chutes.  

I appreciate your prayers and I look forward to giving a great report!

Upcoming Ministries

  • Discipleship Group - Mondays in April and May (meets at Homewood Community Bible Church in Homewood, KS)

  • April 18th-19th, 2015 - Missouri High School Rodeo (Pacific, MO)

  • April 25th-26th, 2015 - Kansas High Schoo Rodeo (Dodge City, KS)

  • May 2nd-3rd, 2015 - Kansas High School Rodeo (Canton, KS)

  • May 5th, 2015 - Ropin Hope Fellowship (Ottawa, KS)

  • May 9th, 2015 - Golden Spur Ministries Board Meeting (Homewood, KS)

  • May 12th, 2015 - Crossfire Ranch Fellowship (Paola, KS)

  • June 3rd-7th, 2015 - Kansas High School Rodeo Finals (Topeka, KS)

Website Updates

One of GSM's board members recently said, "you're as good at updating the website as you were at turning in papers on-time in college."  He was also one of my CBC professors.  It was said all in good fun but also as an encouragement.  So over the next few months I'm slowly working on updating Golden Spur's website.  My main priority is making sure that the upcoming event's page is up-to-date and then fleshing out the descriptions of exactly what we do.  I just worked on adding a few descriptions to our Chaplaincy page.  As we make changes I'll make a note in future emails but I'd also love to hear what you want to know.  Is there a specific question you'd like to have answered?

Thank you for your prayers and support!

2014 World Championship Ranch Rodeo


This week Golden Spur will be ministering at the World Championship Ranch Rodeo in Amarillo, TX.   This is the third year of partnering with the Better Horses Radio booth and we are looking forward to serving the ranch rodeo community.  Better Horses Radio is a network devoted to sharing tips and tools to improve horsemanship and is unashamedly committed to making devotion to the Lord a part of their program.  I frequently share devotions and Bible studies with the network.

Here's a quick picture of Rusty Rierson setting up sound at the booth.

Here's a quick picture of Rusty Rierson setting up sound at the booth.

The WCRR is the National Finals of the Working Ranch Cowboys Association and features some of the toughest cowboys from some of the grandest ranches in the United States.

Thought this was a neat picture.  Our location is right in the center of two big trade show area.  Literally the best location for traffic.

Thought this was a neat picture.  Our location is right in the center of two big trade show area.  Literally the best location for traffic.

What I'll be doing is hanging out with the Better Horses crew (Ernie Rodina and Rusty Rierson) at their booth handing out Bibles and talking with visitors.  Our friend Rusty is usually singing through the day so there's usually a good crowd.

We're hoping to move a few Bibles and visit with lots of folks.

We're hoping to move a few Bibles and visit with lots of folks.

How can you help?  Please be praying for those who come by the booth with spiritual needs.  In previous years I've been blown away by how quickly people will open up when they find out I'm a minister.  This rodeo is a unique opportunity as its attended by a whole lot of ranch folk that don't ordinarily visit other events where we minister.  

I'd also like your prayers for the entire crew...just that we honor the Lord and are faithful with the opportunities the Lord gives us.

If you know someone who is going to be at the WRCA finals make sure you tell them to drop by and see us!

I'm looking forward to giving you guys a good report on the Lord's work! 

Our Trail Ride is in Two Weeks

Between the Kansas High School Rodeo in Oswego this weekend and the American Royal Youth Rodeo all next week, I almost forgot that our 2014 Trail Ride in the Flint Hills is just around the corner.  Just in case you did's your reminder.  

Our 2014 Trail Ride in the Flint Hills will be on October 4th at 12:30pm in Matfield Green.  The ride will end around 5pm and we'll have a meal immediately following.  There is no charge for this ride or the meal.  Just bring your horse and enjoy the Lord's creation and some great fellowship.  

Don't have a horse?  That's ok.  While you won't be able to participate in the trail ride part we'd still love to have you for our cookout around the campfire.  

If you are planning on coming to the ride please RSVP by emailing or by calling 816-200-SPUR.

Don't forget to remember us in your prayers as we have a busy couple of weeks of youth rodeo ministries in Kansas and at the American Royal in Kansas City.  

Upcoming Ministries:

2 Days Left in Our Rifle Drawing

Our 2014 Rifle Drawing ends tomorrow (7/31/2014) at midnight.  You've still got time to buy your ticket to win a brand new Henry Golden Boy (.22 Mag) and, more importantly, support Golden Spur's summer youth ministry program.  A very big thank you to all who have joined up this year in helping us "make disciples in the cowboy world."

For just $10 dollars per ticket you could win a NEW Henry Golden Boy Rifle (.22 magnum). An unlimited amount of tickets can be purchased between Sunday, June 1st at 8:00 AM and Thursday, July 31st. The drawing will be at the August Golden Spur Board meeting in Belton, Missouri and you do not have to be present to win. All proceeds will be used to support Golden Spur’s summer youth ministries including the ministry to the National High School and Junior High Finals Rodeos and several Rodeo Bible Camps. Drawing winner must be non-prohibited person for gun ownership and complete necessary FFL transfer.

*All payment and donations will show up on your credit or debit card as Perception Funding. After credit/debit fees 100% of the proceeds will go to Golden Spur.  

July Ministry Update and 2014 Rifle Drawing

July Ministry Update and 2014 Rifle Drawing

We're over halfway through our 2014 Summer Ministry Rifle Drawing.  For just $10 per ticket you could win a new Henry Golden Boy .22 Magnum Rifle.  It doesn't get any more cowboy than a Henry lever action rifle and joining this drawing gives you a chance to win a brand new Henry rifle all while supporting your favorite cowboy ministry.  All proceeds go towards our summer youth ministry programs at Rodeo Bible Camps, the National Junior High Finals Rodeo and the National High School Finals Rodeo.  Tickets must be purchased online by clicking here.

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June Ministry Report

Campers at the Flat Tops RBC getting trick riding instruction.

Campers at the Flat Tops RBC getting trick riding instruction.

June sure seems like it flew by and we are nearly approaching the tipping point of our summer ministry season.  

As we have in the past, on the way to our first Rodeo Bible Camp of the season, we stopped in Strong City, KS to partner with the Flint Hills Community Church in ministering at the Flint Hills Rodeo.  Flint Hills, in my mind, is the classic outdoor summer rodeo and it truly is a joy to get to just experience it...let alone serve the Lord there.  This was the second year that the church provided a prayer breakfast for the contestants and volunteers where I had the opportunity to give a quick message.  

From there I headed out west to Rifle, CO for the Flat Tops Rodeo Bible Camp.  This was my ninth year preaching at the camp and teaching trick riding.  This year I had a little help for the trip as one of our Ottawa, KS youth, Matt Rodina, went with me to be a camper in the bareback riding.  After about ten minutes of being on the fairgrounds and as we were hurrying to get horses taken care of and get Matt set up in the boys dorm, Matt said to me, "you've got to be kidding me, everybody knows you here."  It was pretty funny at the time because kids kept running up to me and saying some variation of, "Cory, how's your year been?"

The relationship, that's taken nine years to build, blesses me so much!  The minute I step out of the truck at this camp (and most camps really), the Lord's opened the door for me to start sharing with the kids!  The relationship's already there...I just need to be faithful in presenting the Word!

From Rifle I headed up north to Des Moines, IA for the National Junior High Finals Rodeo.  There, as in years past, I ministered to kids all week long to the contestants and families with daily devotions, prayer behind the chutes, coaching kids in the invocation, and Cowboy Church Services.  This year setting up and helping a handful of contestants lead the invocation during each rodeo performance was a special blessing.  Each and every contestant that helped not only covered the performance in prayer but also closed out their prayer with a Gospel presentation.  How cool is that?  Junior High contestants ministering to other Junior High contestants!  

I could keep writing but instead I'll just include a few more pictures from June (included below). As you pray this month, please remember the Texas Rodeo Bible Camp (Pampa, TX) and the National High School Finals Rodeo (Rock Springs, WY).  

Leslie and I so appreciate your prayers and your financial support!  We simply can't do this without your faithfulness...thank you!

GSM Board Member Alan Phipps and his son Andy, helping with our booth at the Flint Hills Rodeo in Strong City, KS.

GSM Board Member Alan Phipps and his son Andy, helping with our booth at the Flint Hills Rodeo in Strong City, KS.

One of the Flat Tops RBC trick riding students doing a Cossack Drag on the rodeo on the last day of the camp.  I'm very thankful for good horses that I can trust.

One of the Flat Tops RBC trick riding students doing a Cossack Drag on the rodeo on the last day of the camp.  I'm very thankful for good horses that I can trust.

I thought I should throw in a picture of the Junior High Finals Rodeo just to give you the scope of how big a production the rodeo has become.  This was one of the two indoor arenas used during the rodeo.

I thought I should throw in a picture of the Junior High Finals Rodeo just to give you the scope of how big a production the rodeo has become.  This was one of the two indoor arenas used during the rodeo.

The Most Beautiful Song Ever Written

The Most Beautiful Song Ever Written

“And now, for tonight’s rendition of the most beautiful song ever written…”

That is the introduction my friend and PRCA announcer Tim Fuller gives before the presentation of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the start of every rodeo he announces.  I’m sure he’s not the only sports announcer to turn that phrase but the phrase itself certainly does ring true for many Americans.

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Summer Ministry Update

We just kicked off our summer ministry season with an unbelievable time at the Better Horses Network’s Al Dunning clinic in Cleveland, MO.  As you can see from the picture above we had some great times of fellowship each evening.  During the day, when the parents were in their own clinics, we held a “mini-RBC” for the kids. 

The next eight weeks will be some of our busiest of the year.  The busy time is definitely worth it, as we’ll be bringing the Gospel to tons of kids and their families at youth rodeos and Rodeo Bible camps all across the Midwest. 

We’ll be sending reports of the ministries via email and Facebook but I’d like to ask, as you pray the next few weeks, please pray specifically for our ministries at the following events:

  • May 28th-30th, 2013 – Howard Rodeo Bible Camp (Howard, KS)
  • May 31st-June 2nd, 2013 – Kansas Junior High Finals Rodeo (Whitewater, KS) 
  • June 6th-8th, 2013 – Flint Hills Rodeo (Strong City, KS)
  • June 10th-13th, 2013 – Flat Tops Rodeo Bible Camp (Rifle, CO)
  • June 23rd-29th, 2013 – National Junior High Finals Rodeo (Gallup, NM)
  • July 7th-10th, 2013 – Top of Texas Rodeo Bible Camp (Pampa, TX)
  • July 14th-20th, 2013 – National High School Finals Rodeo (Rock Springs, WY)

While those are the major ministries that will cover the next few weeks we’ll also have more opportunities pop up as the summer progresses.  Please keep our schedule in prayer.  Pray specifically for those we’ll be visiting with at each ministry as well as my faithfulness in sharing the Word.

We look forward to giving you a great report!

Golden Spur BBQ

Howdy All,

Leslie and I will be hosting the third annual Golden Spur Ministries Barbecue on April 28th.  Our prayer is that this is a time of thanks for those who faithfully partner with us in "making disciples in rodeo and rural America."  We'll give a short update on the ministry and plans for the future as well as share in some great food and fellowship.  

The BBQ is open to any and all friends of Golden Spur!  We only ask that if you plan on coming you do two things:

  1. Send us an email ( or call (816-200-7787) if you are planning on attending so we get a rough count for food.  If you choose to come at the last minute don't worry we'll still have plenty of food.  But if you can...we'd appreciate a heads up!
  2. Bring a lawn chair (unless your are eager to sit on the grass).

The BBQ will be held at our house in Belton, MO on April 28th at 4pm.  If you need directions please call or email.

We love you all and we look forward to sharing with you!

2012 Houston Rodeo Ministry Report

March is always the month that we focus on the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  Houston is easily the biggest rodeo that we have the honor of serving and we are always thankful for the help of the rodeo’s leadership.

This year we held three church services on each Sunday of the rodeo.  As you can see from the picture above we hold the services on the second floor of the massive convention hall called Reliant Center in a courtyard area.  What this means, is that as we set up and our music gets warmed up, the sound of the service carries quite a ways down the hallway.  As this happens, we wind up having even more visitors who are curious about seeing a “cowboy church service.”  The Houston rodeo staff are very kind in placing the church service times and location on their website and fliers but I am still always amazed how many people we get to talk to who say “I had no idea this was going on today…this is awesome.” 

Like so many of our ministries, the Lord really blesses the time that we have in Houston.  We always have plenty of people who attend the services that we can share the Gospel with and encourage with the Word.  There are usually a lot of people who stick around afterward and ask for prayer or need counseling.  Houston is always a great ministry…the only thing we have to do is remain faithful in bringing His Word!

We are so thankful for your continued prayer partnership and financial support.  We literally cannot do this without your help!  As you pray this next month please remember those who made commitments and asked for follow-up at Houston and for our faithfulness in the follow-up process. 

Giving credit where credit is due…I just want to give a shout out to the Houston chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys who always are faithful in helping us set up for the service, providing friendly faces for our visitors, and making sure all the kids leave with a “Jesus loves Cowboys” sticker. 

Golden Spur is Going Green…But Not in the Hippie Way!

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, is just around the corner.  If you cut through the myths that surround the life and times of Patrick of Ireland it becomes pretty clear that he was a mighty man of God.  During the fifth century he was captured in Wales by Irish raiders and taken to Ireland as a slave for six years before escaping.  After rejoining his family he returned to Ireland as a Celtic bishop and faithfully served the Lord as he brought the people of Ireland the Word of God and the Gospel.  As a result the island was forever changed for the Lord and He was able to use Irish missionaries to spread the Gospel for years to come in a way not seen since the first century.  The Lord used one man’s faith, love, and humility to light an “Irish fire” and start a chain reaction of growing discipleship and spreading of the Gospel!

You say, “What does that have to do with cowboy ministry or going green?”  Every year we have the opportunity to minister at the Houston Livestock Show.  It literally is the first green grass we see each year (as Houston starts greening up about a month before Kansas City does).  More importantly, it is one of the greatest opportunities we have to spread the Word to a mass audience AND see a Patrick-style ripple effect that continues to other rodeos and changes lives for years to come.

As you pray for us this month please remember the outreach services.  We completed one just last weekend (see the picture below) and we have two more on March 11th and 18th.  

We also ask for your prayer for our ministry team.  We partner with the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys for these services and serve alongside FCC board members and the Houston FCC chapter.

January Prayer Update

We kicked off 2012 with a Cowboy Church Service at the New Year’s Eve Stampede at the American Royal Complex (Kansas City, MO) on January 1st. From there we’ve been focused on the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO.  Below you can see a picture of our first outreach service from last Sunday (January 8th).  We worked over the past year with the National Western leadership to get a better location for this first service along with a later time for this first service (which was usually held before anyone got to the complex in a remote area of the exhibition hall).  This year we had a great crowd and, even better, a ton of people to visit and pray with after the service.   

I would appreciate your prayers for our next two outreach services (January 15thand 22nd) as well as for a Fellowship of Christian Cowboys board meeting that will be held today.  I’ve been serving on the FCC’s board for three years now and we’ve been partnered with them for many outreach events for over ten years.  My prayer, and I hope yours, is that the Lord would be glorified as we search out His direction for another great year of ministry!

Thank you for your prayers and as always I look forward to giving you a great report on the Lord’s work in a few weeks! 

National Finals Rodeo Ministry Report

This year’s ministry at the National Finals Rodeo was incredible.  As in previous years we partnered with a crew from the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys and held several outreach services and maintained a ministry booth at the Cowboy Christmas Gift Show.  The Lord used those ministries to provide us the opportunity to share the Word and the Gospel with tons of people.  We are counting on your continued prayer for those that we were able to meet and their sensitivity to the Gospel. 

That was the ministry during the day…each night during the rodeo performances I was camped out in the NFR media room and was able to watch a live feed of the rodeo and, more importantly, interview and pray with contestants.  This was a new ministry and unlike anything I had done before and the learning curve was pretty steep.  The week was nearly over before I got the gist of how things worked.  Despite that I had some great opportunities to interview contestants and encourage them with the Word and prayer.  The interviews will be showing up each month next year  What did I learn this year?  This ministry is likely to be one of the most important aspects of the National Finals Rodeo ministry in the future.  The picture below is from the media room as a whole.

As always I thank you for your prayers and your financial support.  This great ministry was not possible without your partnership!

Flint Hills Rodeo Ministry - June 6-7, 2008

Earlier this month I was asked to partner with Flint Hills Community Church in setting up an outreach booth at the Flint Hills Rodeo in Strong City, KS. Strong City is about 15 minutes west of Emporia, KS. The church is one of our oldest support churches and is one of the few Bible-preaching churches located in close proximity to the rodeo grounds.

For the outreach itself, we set up a tent and handed out copies of The Way for Cowboys (a New Testament that includes testimonies from a few professional cowboys and cowboy preachers), a rodeo themed Bible and testimony tract called Are You Ready?, and copies of the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys' monthly magazine The Line Rider.

Despite the overnight destruction of our tent (strong winds are common in the Flint Hills), the team handed out a case of Bibles and built relationships with several spectators. This was the first year of doing this ministry and we are looking forward to partnering again with the Flint Hills Community Church next year for an even greater impact.