Are You Happy, Happy, Happy? - 2014 NHSFR Devotion #3

At our trick riding schools I like to have the kids warm up in the practice pen by having them work through a handful of basic tricks at a standstill and then spend a few minutes doing a slick saddle stand (this is a trick where you stand on the saddle seat without the aid of any straps).  It is a great trick to teach the kids patience, endurance and balance.  After a few years of subjecting the kids to this a few of them got so good that I decided I should make it a little more difficult so I started having them quote memory verses while standing on the horse.  

On one occasion I had the kids read one of my favorite verses...Psalm 144:15.  This is what the young man read, "Deliver me from the hands of strange children."

That was not the verse that I was shooting for and certainly not the ideal verse to use when in the midst of youth ministry.  Needless to say we all had a good laugh that morning.

The camper accidentally read Psalm 144:11.  Psalm 144:15 says, "happy are those people, of whom this is true...happy are those people who's God is the Lord."

Because of Duck Dynasty, the phrase "happy, happy, happy" has become a household saying.  The truth is, if you have trusted the Lord, we've got every reason to be feel blessed and happy. You've got a Father who loves you and wants to bless you and at the end of the day, you know what your future holds.  

If you are going through life in a constant state of need to check your heart and trust in the Lord.  If you have, then let your face know what your heart has decided and smile once in a while.

Here's a picture from the 2014 Flat Tops RBC of the infamous "Slick Saddle Stand Torture."

Here's a picture from the 2014 Flat Tops RBC of the infamous "Slick Saddle Stand Torture."