Building a Memorial - Better Horses Radio Devotion 3/16/2013

At our last Ropin’ Hope Fellowship service we had the opportunity to study the book of Joshua in chapters 3-4.  These chapters cover the period of time when Israel was about to cross the Jordan River from Egypt to take possession of the Promised Land.

Remember that the Lord had promised Abraham that his descendants would take possession of the Canaanites’ land, had miraculously brought Israel out of Egyptian bondage, and had cared for His people during their forty years of wandering in the desert.  All of those blessings had been in preparation for this time.

When the time came to cross the Jordan the priests went first carrying the Ark of the Covenant of God and immediately the Lord dried up the river (which was a flood stage).  The rest of Israel followed. Once they were safely across, Joshua commanded the leaders of the tribes to take twelve stones from the middle of the river and build a memorial pillar to the Lord on the bank where they were camping that night.

The point of the memorial was clear.  It was a reminder of exactly how the Lord had blessed and provided for them.  This was something that they could look to in a time of trial or when their faith was shaken and it was something that they could point their kids to as a means of teaching the Lord’s faithfulness. 

We don’t have quite the same experience with the Lord that Israel did but we still have dates, places, and things that we can point back to that remind us exactly where the Lord brought us from and how He has blessed us. 

One of the memorials that I look back to is a small arena just south of Black Forest, CO where I attended my first Rodeo Bible Camp.  That was where I heard the Gospel for the first time (that Jesus died for my sins and that I can receive His salvation by trusting Him) and responded in faith. 

My encouragement to you is this:  Look back at your life and remember how the Lord has worked and tell others.  Share that memorial with your kids or your friends. 

If you don’t have a memorial or if you haven’t seen the Lord working in your life then trust Christ today.  I promise you, over your lifetime you will see countless times where He provides for you, blesses you and loves you!  Trust Him today.

(This devotion was featured on the Better Horses Radio program on the weekend of March 16th-17th, 2013.)