Do You Have A Philosophy of Ministry?

Coming back from the NFR and heading into a New Year seems a great time to evaluate how we approach the work of the ministry.  Prayerfully many of you are serving the Lord in your home church or on the road as you rodeo. 

The fact of the matter is that as we serve the Lord we sometimes get confused on what our priorities should be as we minister to the “flock” that the Lord brings our way.  This becomes even more evident as we all struggle, both in our personal lives and in our chapters and churches, to serve the Lord in a tough economy.  Even the most honorable of ministries can fall into the “anything for a buck” mentality when things get tight. 

While I was in school the president of our Bible College mentioned that a great philosophy of ministry is “love your people and give them the Word.”  As I have grown in my relationship with Jesus and gained experience in serving Him I am more convinced than ever to apply that philosophy in every way that that I serve.  I’ve been blessed with many mentors in the cowboy ministry world but as I think of the very core of how I try to serve I am thankful for Tilt James’ example of how to unconditionally love and Harold Daniels’ model of faithfully presenting the Word of God to those precious people that the Lord brings along my trail.  My prayer, as I start this New Year, is that I will be found faithful in “loving our people and giving them the Word.”

Do you have a “philosophy of ministry”? 

You certainly don’t have to use the philosophy that the Lord gave me…but I encourage search the Scriptures and seek the Holy Spirit’s direction with your family and determine a philosophy of your own.  What a great way to start this New Year…with a concise plan for how you are going to minister in your family, your church and your community.